Posted 15th January 2019

Micron launches ‘game changing’ new cyber security suite

In a year punctuated by major cyber security stories, there has never been such a need for businesses to protect their systems from attack.  As an ICT partner who prides themselves on responding to growing customer demands, Micron has launched a brilliant new cyber toolkit called ‘Smart Guard’. Bringing together best of breed applications and tools, Smart Guard delivers a robust, highly intelligent and simple to use security suite, designed to protect organisations from every direction, giving security and peace of mind.

Whether it’s malicious code writers trying to damage systems or cyber criminals trying to steal sensitive information, being secure requires a 360 degree view of the business, to ensure every single threat is dealt with. One of the biggest risks to an organisation can often come from within; so not only does Smart Guard protect against external threats, it also highlights and addresses bad practice from individual users which might put you at risk.

“Smart Guard is available in 3 different packages to suit our clients’ budgets and operating requirements. It combines protection, monitoring and best practice engineering to ensure market leading protection against cyber-attacks and data breaches” said Ben Marks, Operations Director at Micron.

If you’d like a free of charge security consultation to discuss potential threats to your business, please contact a member of the Micron team, either by calling 01935 318888 or by emailing

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