Stability at the core

An operating platform which provides an exceptional guest experience.

Your core network is the central point where both people and systems can come together. In order for this to happen it needs to be fast, robust and secure. Within our team are some of the industry’s finest network engineers and they understand how to deliver a unique, dependable platform that you and your guests will come to depend on, day and night.



  • The power of three. Fast, robust and secure; trusted working environments for your staff and customers.
  • The future. Our networks are designed with the future in mind so that innovation can be something you do, not something you dream of.
  • Saying hello. Core, integrated networks that talk to multiple, third party platforms.
  • Smart guard. Our sophisticated cyber toolkit designed to protect you and your business from potential online threats.
  • Keeping you safe. A highly intelligent security suite which provides endpoint security, threat protection and compliance.
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Iconic Luxury Hotels

Iconic Luxury Hotels is a small collection of premium hotels comprising of city and country escapes across Britain.

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