Smart Guard

Protecting you and your business from potential threats.

Smart Guard is a brilliant cyber toolkit combining the advanced feature sets from a number of best of breed applications and tools to deliver a robust, user friendly and highly intelligent security suite which is simple to use. Designed to protect users and organisations from every direction, giving security and peace of mind.



  • Endpoint security. Aiming to secure every terminal within your network, our sophisticated suite of tools not only manages threats but also helps you to manage the behaviours and working practices of users.
  • Threat protection. It provides a perimeter fence for your network to ensure threats are kept outside of your network and human error is mitigated at all times.
  • Compliance. It will cover every area of requirement for you to meet corporate compliance and governance standards such as PCI and GDPR.
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Tower Bridge Magistrates Court

London’s old magistrates court at Tower Bridge is being transformed into a 195-bed Marriott Autograph Hotel called The Dixon.

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