Posted 8th August 2015

Super-fast 100 Meg connection delivered over 31kms

Micron teamed up with specialist wireless engineers, DMR Networks, to deliver a 100 Meg data connection into a client premises over 31kms away.

British Solar Renewables has approximately 120 staff located in rural offices in Butleigh, Somerset. Poor bandwidth was having a detrimental impact on the business.

BSR invited Micron to look into this issue where we suggested using wireless technology to bring the connectivity in from another site owned by the company which already had a fibre connection.
β€œ31kms is a long way to bounce a data connection however we looked in the technology required and our friends at DMR Networks assured us that this could be done,” explained Jonny White of Micron.

β€œThe existing site already had a fibre optic connection along with a series of large towers which could be seen from Butleigh. A 100 Meg service was installed on a 100 Meg bearer and then bounced using line of site transmitters. The system has been in for 3 months now and is working perfectly, even in bad weather.”

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